Andrew Clingan

Andrew, originally from Florence, Al. These days you can catch him playing his guitar and rock climbing in his free time. Andrew has always been a people person and never has a problem making friends. He is a super fun guy to be around, and you just may catch him busting a few moves if one of his favorite songs are played. Andrew strives to entertain all types of crowds at any type of event. His passion is playing and mixing music in a unique and creative way. Andrew is always helpful and would love to work with you.


Amado Ortiz

Having grown up on his father’s love combination of Southern Rock and the Mo-town sound, Amado quickly understood the passion that all types of sound can create in the playing of one track. 

A very active member of his local community, Amado loves playing in weddings, formals and special events. Creating a “Good Time” is the primary goal of every booking.  Nothing can beat the feeling you feel when you can play a track that the whole room resonates with and then for a moment, the crowd forgets that anybody is watching.  When this happens, Amado feels like his job is complete.


T.J. Thompson

T.J. having joined the Good Times Staff in 2018, was ranked as the #1 up and coming DJ in the world by billboard.com. Ok, we’re joking about that. But what isn’t a joke is this kid’s talent behind the turntables. While young, T.J. has already proved himself as one of the most reliable DJs around. He enjoys playing music that ranges from classic MJ to the latest Bruno hits. You should meet him. He’s a real stand-up guy.